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    Jessica Paré


  3. "La mayor declaracion de amor es la que no se hace; el hombre que siente mucho, habla poco."
    — Platon   (via iamaleman66)

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  6. Alice Peneaca for GQ, lensed by VB VISUALS


  7. Las máquinas de Jan Von Holleben

    (Fuente: janvonholleben.com)

  8. Alfonso Cuaron, The Morning After the OSCARS

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  10. Frrresh eighth issue
    The eighth issue of frrresh, the online visual arts magazine For more info visit our website: www.frrresh.org

  11. Dangerous Candy

  12. PSH

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    Charlize Theron #04


    1. -You're such a clumsy girl, aren't you?
    2. -Well, I became clumsy since the day I met you
    3. And then she left the car and I'd never forget about her.